I have chaired and lead many meetings of the membership, including the PIPSC Annual General Meeting, where important decisions were made. My approach has always been to include as many individuals as possible in everything we accomplish together and to share in the successes we achieve. I always want to help people see eye to eye on issues and try to bring consensus when we are faced with difficult issues. Even if we can’t reach consensus we need to be able to have a discussion in order to fully understand the perspective of others. Through cooperation at all levels we will build a stronger Union together.

I have also been involved in the Bylaws and Policy Committee, the Resolutions Subcommittee and the Policy Review Committee to ensure that the bylaws and policies of the Institute, Board or Directors and our various constituent bodies meet the needs of our members, are easy to understand and are changed when the need arises.

Finally I have also become more involved with the American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP) in recent years to better and more fully understand the Standard Code of Parliamentarians which is one of the Institute’s Parliamentary Authorities. In addition I have been advocating for a Canadian Chapter of AIP.